22 June 2017

09:00—09:45     Reception and Registration

09:45—10:00     Welcome

10:00—11:00     SESSION 1 (chaired by: Suzanne Ewing)

  • Thomas Juel Clemmensen, Sous les pavés: La plage!
  • Constance Lau, Singapore Pte. Ltd. : A Question of Limits
  • Belén Cerezo, Landscapes of Stone

11:00—11:30     Coffee Break

11:30—12:30     Keynote Speaker:  NIGEL CLARK, Greetings from the Asthenosphere! Bare Life on Molten Rock

12:30—13:30     SESSION 2 (chaired by: Tahl Kaminer)

  • Angelos Siampakoulis, Charbon, mon amour: Coal Urbanism in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
  • Peng Xue, A Non-Axial Representation of Beijing
  • Lukas Pauer, Staging Facts on the Ground 

13:30—13:45     Introduction to Architecture and Culture (Peer-reviewed Journal)

13:45—14:30     Lunch Break

14:30—15:30     SESSION 3 (chaired by: Ed Hollis)

  • Lisa Mackenzie, Reading Landscapes: The Central American Volcanic Arc
  • Nazli Tümerdem, Bridging the Gap: Walk the Map, Map the Walk
  • David Kendall, Disappearing into Night               

15:30—16:00     Coffee Break

16:00—17:00     SESSION 4 (chaired by: Cristina Nan)

  • Kate Symons, Chris Speed, Dave Murray-Rust, Transfer in the G4S former European Union: Identity, mobility, and data
  • Federico Ruberto, Form and Matter: Signs Between Control and Contingency
  • Miguel Paredes Maldonado, Subjective Prototypes: Subverting data-based design practices to reconstruct the public domain(s)                         

17:00—17:15     Break

17:15—17:30     SESSION 5

  • Charles Danby and Rob Smith, Limelight - Actions of observation and navigation, postcards returned to sender

17:30—17:45     Break

17:45—18:45     Keynote Speaker: ETIENNE TURPIN, How Thought Experiments

    18:45—20:15     WINE RECEPTION

                                EXHIBITION OPENING (with Exhibition Pop-Up Presentations)



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