23 June 2017


10:00—10:45 SESSION 5

  • Marianna Tsionki, Curating the Anthropocene: Rare Earths, toxicity, and geopolitical representations
  • Alexandra Halkias, Critical biopolitics and the Anthropocene: Humans, non-humans, and life as war
  • Mark Peter Wright, Infrastructural Inversions

11:00—11:15 Coffee Break

11:15—12:15     Keynote Speaker: JOANNA ZYLINSKA

12:15—13:30     SESSION 6

  • Monika Bakke, Vegetation as we do not know it: Art and Architecture for plant biodiversity in the Anthropocene
  • Franklin Ginn, Vegetal politics in Pakistan
  • Josef Barla, Response-Ability in the Age of Insects. A Politics of Representing as Intervening for the Anthropocene

13:30—14:30     Lunch Break

14:30—15:45     SESSION 7

  • Wood Roberdeau, Spencer Finch's Thank You, Fog (2009)
  • Kate Lewis-Hood, 'A fog so thick covered us that we could scarcely see': unknowing the Anthropocene in Caroline Bergvall's Drift
  • Mattieu Duperrex, Farewell to the sublime, aesthetic of the disputed territories in the Anthropocene

15:45—16:00      Coffee Break

16:00—17:00      Keynote Speaker: SUSAN SCHUPPLI

17:00—18:15      SESSION 8

  • Ifor Duncan, Mnemonic Hydrography: Drought in the Rivers of Forgetting
  • Corinna Dean, Strata: A Geophotographic Fiction
  • Hasan Cenk Dereli, The Displacement of Memories

18:15—19:30      VIDEO SCREENING: THE SAME RIVER, TWICE (a project by Anexact Office)

20:00                   DINNER (to be confirmed)



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