24 June 2017


10:00—11:00     SESSION 9

  • Richard Coyne, Loki Writes The Great Stone Book of Nature
  • Monica Britt Hutton, Fourfold Seasons in One Head
  • Guillermo Gomez, Rock, Sand, and Capital: Practices of Land Reclamation in Panama City

11:00—11:15 Coffee Break

11:15—12:15     Keynote Speaker: JUSSI PARIKKA

12:15—13:30     SESSION 10

  • David Habets, An Island Spitting Fire
  • Christoph Walter Pirker, Greetings from Home
  • Barbara Prezelj, Red Filter

13:30—14:30     Lunch Break

14:30—15:45     SESSION 11

  • Nikos Katsikis, Postcards from the Low Earth Orbit. A Metageographical Interpretation
  • Ian Rothwell, Suicidal Experiments: the Earth represented in Red Bull's Stratos
  • Benek Cincik and Tiago Torres-Campos, Into the Darkness. Critical Verticalities through the Black Marble

15:45—16:00      Coffee Break

16:00—17:00       Keynote Speaker: MARK DORRIAN

17:00—18:15       SESSION 12

  • Stine Alling Jacobsen, Anthropocene traces—Geological maps and scientific diagrams from Greenland
  • Richard L. Hindle, Patent Drawings from the Anthropocene
  • Lisa Moffitt, Controlling Climate to Reduce Climate Control. Two Models of Environmental Design: Victor and Aladar Olgyay’s      Thermoheliodon

18:15—20:00     CLOSING RECEPTION



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