Etienne Turpin


Etienne Turpin is a philosopher, Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Founding Director of anexact office, his design research practice based in Jakarta and Berlin. With Dr. Tomas Holderness, he is a founding member of User Group, an international, worker-owned co-operative developing humanitarian infrastructure, open source software, and geospatial data collection tools. With his partner Anna-Sophie Springer, Dr. Turpin is co-principal investigator of, an exhibition-led inquiry into the meaning of natural history collections in the Anthropocene, and co-editor of the intercalations: paginated exhibition series, produced as part of Das Anthropozän Projekt of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. He is also co-editor of Fantasies of the Library (w/ Anna-Sophie Springer, MIT Press, 2016), Art in the Anthropocene (w/ Heather Davis, Open Humanities Press, 2015), and Jakarta: Architecture+Adaptation (w/ Adam Bobbette and Meredith Miller, Universitas Indonesia Press, 2013), and editor of Architecture in the Anthropocene (Open Humanities Press, 2013).